Thursday, July 31, 2008

to swoon/too soon

Fast approaching August sets the closet clock a-ticking. I look back on post-winter posts, on my blog, and your blog, and their blog, and all blogs, adorning catchy titles about the onset of spring, and expectation of summer. Sun-hats-this, and open-toe-that, all things balmy and Coppertone.

But the temperature went up, and like all things gravitational and depressing, it must come down again.

Thus, I have cut myself off. No more summer gorging. No one needs hip-cut swimmers in November.

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with a s
weet tooth? Three days later, you're at home foraging for dinner and all you can find are marshmallows, caramel corn and Splenda. It's hard shopping for something that is not presently desired, and somehow, when you do, you're never quite prepared later on.
And just like trying to shop for cheese
when all you want is cheesecake, it is very tricky to scout out winter wears while still working your cut-offs.

With the help of my ever-practical matriarch, I was able to make the move from teeny-weeny to warm and woolly, and stumbled upon a few cosy items that I can't wait to sport come the turn of the season:

A Canadian classic, and a mother's favourite, we scooped a vintage pair of knee grazing Santana Canada brown leather, wool-lined snow boots. Just like the kind your year-round-yard-working-neighbour-lady wears, but better.

These double lined, black woven leather, sharp toed ankle tops are just a pinky toe too big, but I figure if I can't make them work, I know someone who can. You know what they say about girls with big feet...
Big career moves. Congrats to you! xo

The photos don't serve this vintage Christian Dior trapeze coat, with black leather trim and a supremely structured collar, any due justice. In real life, this shit's real nice. Despite the fact that it's a touch Working Girl (1988), I can hardy wait to wear it and feel moderately important.
Perhaps I'll invest in a brief case.

The upside to shopping a season too early is that I don't run the risk of missing out on good vintage finds. While the rest of em are still trolling the racks for high-waisted everything and floral flounces, hemming like mad, and calling it "original", I'm in the outerwear section cashing in hard.

The down side?

I'll have to wait nice like a good little gentile on Christmas Eve before I can put them on.

Friday, July 11, 2008

new to the bu

I travelled all this way west, only to sneak back east every free moment I have.
It's all very high life, I know.
Thanks Clarke.