Tuesday, December 16, 2008

aint nothing silly (puddy) about it

I thought I was sick of electroni-crap club bangers. And, I am. If your name is Gaspard – I do not care for you. However, exceptions can always be made if the time is right. And the time is now.

While I’m sure most people, like me, have grown tired of rhythmically stamping their feet, with one fist pumping in the air, eyes closed and lips pursed, to the sounds of lasers and digitalized children’s laughter, I’d encourage you to hang on just a little while longer.

Better late than never. And in this case, the wait was well worth it.

Zion I is an all-time favourite. Their name in itself incorporates two of my all-time favourite things. This song would be another.


Steve/Kev/Chris! said...

Inner Light(rmx). 1998. Dubbed off UMFM Hip Hop 101. Soundtrack to my SNES sessions.

Hannah Sider said...

loooove muse